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I have an artesian spring on my property that has absolutely wonderful water coming out of it.  It has been coming up to the surface of the ground here for hundreds of years.  In the severe droughts we had back in the 80's, I couldn't tell that my springs flow ever slowed down.  It just kept right on flowing up and out and downhill. 

There is a creek just a few hundred yards east of my property that used to power a grist mill that was owned by one of the former owners of this property.  In 2008 during the severe drought that affected Chatham county and much of central North Carolina, I walked up and down this creek and never got my feet wet.  There was no water at all in it.  Just stones and rock and grit.  No water.  At one point, due to trees down across the creek bed, I moved up and walked along the bank.  I heard something and couldn't figure out what it was.  I looked, and one of my dogs was running up the dry creek bed like they were looking for something.  They went east out of sight and then came running back to the west, still in the creek bed, and again left my sight.  I finally realized that they were thirsty and trying unsuccessfully to find water.  The interesting point is, during this period of extreme drought (In 2008, North Carolina suffered from the worst drought in recorded history), with creeks and rivers drying up across the state, my spring kept right on pumping water up and out.  There is no way an ordinary spring could do that.  But an artesian spring, welling up from deep beneath the ground could.

In 1990, during a meditation, I received guidance that I should develop this spring as a source of bottled water.  This idea felt so right but things did not go as easily as I hoped.  Elsewhere on this site is the full story (Spring Saga) of the development of the spring as well as some photos if you are interested. I have been giving this artesian spring water away to friends for years. Everyone loves it.  Last year, I was giving away so much of it that I decided to install an ultraviolet light sterilization unit just to be on the safe side.   Just recently, someone suggested that I form a Spring Share Agreement, similar to the cow share agreements entered into by people who wish to drink raw cows’ milk, where I would sell a share of the spring to someone who could then receive a portion of the water in return for a monthly stewardship fee.  This idea really felt right to me.  It is my belief that water is living, just like our fruits and vegetables, and should be consumed as quickly as possible after being removed from the ground.  It is my hope that this spring share program will make this wonderful fresh artesian spring water available to more people.

Everyone who receives water from this artesian spring in any form, must own  a share in the artesian spring.  For those interested in purchasing the water processed through magnetic vortex traps it will require the purchase of a  share purchase agreement currently priced at $5.00 per share. 

Those interested in drinking the artesian spring water on a regular basis in their homes will most likely purchase a share subscription agreement.  Details about these share agreements are available elsewhere on this web site.  All share purchases, after a period of 30 days, are refundable in full, whereupon you are no longer eligible to receive water of any form from the spring.

Use the buttons on the left to find out information about the artesian spring on my property and how you might obtain water from it.

                                Thanks for your interest. tom


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