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Annual Plan

With the annual subscription plan, you are agreeing to purchase the water for an entire year, 12 months.  Just like a magazine subscription, the price per issue (bottle) is much lower than if you just occasionally picked up a magazine off the rack.  But, just like a magazine, if you don't read (drink) it, you still have paid for it.  In other words, your water is delivered weekly.  Whether or not you pick it up is your business.  It does not build up in an account for you. If you happen to forget to pick up your water one week, the same water will be delivered back to you the following week.  Not with extra water, but the same water in the same bottles that it was delivered in the previous week.  If you go on an extended vacation, you may have someone else pick up your water for you or you can pause deliveries.  You may stop the delivery of your water until your return, but not the payment.  You may pay the stewards fee for an entire year or you may break it up into quarterly payments.  If you choose to pay for the entire year, HappyHill SpringWater will pay the tax.  Should you pause the payments before the 12months is up, you forfeit your share purchase price and no longer own shares in the spring and thus are no longer eligible to receive water from the spring until your account is once again brought up to date.

Annual Subscription Plan



One Time Refundable Cost

Purchase Share

Pay for Entire Year

Start Subscription

Stop Subscription

One Share=1 Three gallon bottle per delivery.



Two Shares=2 Three gallon bottles per delivery.



Three Shares=3 Three gallon bottles per delivery.



Four Shares=4 Three gallon bottles per delivery.





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