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Here is what a few people have been kind enough to say about the water from my spring.



Over the years the food we eat has been polluted; and there are so many chemicals added to our food

 supply that it is rare indeed that we get to eat or drink something that is absolutely pure. Tomís water is a

 wonderful exception.
I have had the pleasure of drinking small amounts of his water for many years. It has a smooth, refreshing

taste, and is the best water I have ever tasted.
Recently, my wife and I both became ill and had to go to hospitals.
After I got out of the hospital, I wanted his water more than any of my medications. After drinking at least

4 glasses of his water every day, it is my opinion that his water helped the healing process of both my wife

and myself.
Stanley P.
Chapel Hill, NC


Drinking this water makes me feel really good. The feel of this water as you drink it is difficult to describe. It is so much

smoother than regular spring water, like the difference between the feel of a piece of rough canvas and 600 thread count

Egyptian cotten. Just the feel of the water makes it special.

Tom told me recently that David Wilcock had visited his property once in the past and really liked the water. I attended

 David's conference in New York last May and mentioned to him that I was from Chatham County where he had visited

Tom Hildebrand's artisian well. His reply was, "that's great water". I agree.

Susan D Pittsboro NC


"I have well water and I was happy with the taste, but now that I've been drinking Happy Hills water, I notice 
that my well water just does not measure up anymore.  I've had lots of compliments from my guests, as well, when 
I offer them a glass of Happy Hills water."  I'm hooked!"
Vicki K. Durham, NC



I like the taste of this water. It feels like it has high mineral content and adds much more than regular spring water. It is quite special. It feels like it comes from the fairy realm deep in the mountain. There is definitely something special about the water, I can't quite put my finger on it.
Bill S. Pittsboro, NC



I have been drinking water from Tomís spring for several years and the quality has never deviated.  

 It has a smooth richness that I have not found an equal - not even in the most expensive European bottled waters.

I am convinced the water from his spring is a gift of Nature with an extremely high level of purity.   Consequently,

 I drink more than I would otherwise and enjoy the benefits from consuming more water.   I highly recommend it!

Sarah  W.

Durham, NC


"We see enormous ormus content. All wells that bring water to the surface carry ormus content. Some places have it more concentrated and Tom's water is very concentrated, not just that he concentrates it with the three stage ormus traps.  His water itself starts with more. This water carries magical qualities. Try it for 10 days and see for yourself. This is not just ormus water, we would say it is enormous ormus water, not to be clever, it is true. It is something that needs to be tried and must be experienced. There is a wonderful suble quality. Those who spend the time to drink it, know. Give yourself the trial period, and you will know as well. This water comes from a magical place and the quality of this magical place is in the water."
The Pleiadians in Chatham County (use it if you like, that's what they had to say when I asked)


I have been checking your water every morning for its energy, and today was first day that I did not feel energy on it. 

Which means that whatever essence is that allows energy lasts for a good 5-6 days or at least that has been my experience.

  Just thought you might find this interesting.  I think water is still good, but perhaps it maximum healing capacity is

when that energy is present. 

Hope you are well,

Pittsboro, NC


Hi, I'm Andrew, and I am familiar with the works of David Wolfe, David Hudson and Daniel Vitalis. I am enthusiastic

about spring water and ormus water. I tried Tom's water last time I was home in Chatham County, and I highly

 recommend it. I think that it is terrific and wish that I could drink it exclusively. I have told everyone I know about it.

I will be attending the Ormus Conference in Georgia in September, and I will tell everyone there about this exceptional

water as well.

Andrew D. New Smyrna Beach, Fla


My rescued cat refused to drink water.  Not well water, not tap water, not bottled water that was spring or distilled. 

 Not even the water that cans of tuna come packed in or even chicken broth.  She became dehydrated and had to have

three $100 enemas.

I started giving her the water I drank, Tom's water, and she drank it.  And drank it and drank it.  No more dehydration


Morrisville, NC



Happy Hill Spring water is so delicious and satisfying I have traveled 30 miles from home many times to fill my jugs.

 The water just begs you to drink it.

Rick H.

Hillsborough, NC



John just called, and was wondering if you could possible bring
 That new process water for us this next time, if it's not too late.
We really appreciate the great service you do, and we can notice how
 much better we feel. After tasting your artesian well water, nothing
else tastes right!
 Thanks a lot, and may the Spirit lead you into great things,

 Mary T.
Carrboro, NC
I've always known I should drink more water, but I never really liked the taste. Until I tried Tom's water.
 It is so thoroughly refreshing and satisfying that I have finally overcome my forty-year-long diet coke 
addiction!   Thanks so much for making this delicious water so easily available!  
~Marcia S., Durham, N.C.
Tom's integrity, spiritual vision and healing abilities are a rare gift, 
that he is the steward of a source of water that is both pure and healing 
is no surprise. 
We are becoming more aware of the unique vibrational healing qualities of 
water.  The spring on Tom's land nourishes- both physically and spiritually.
I love it.
Sherrie D., Durham, NC




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